Friday, January 4, 2013

Dr Neha Arora's CoFream

Well, its high time I dedicated a recipe to the person who pushed me so much to share my recipes online. I saw a recipe of the kind on some TV show on TLC, can't remember most of it, 'coz it wasn't a cookery show. So here is my own simple, simpler,simplest version of it, 'coz my friend, just like me, is too lazy to put in so much effort into cooking. She loves coffee and coffee couldn't get simpler and tastier than this.

Heat 2 cups of water. Add 2 spoonfuls of sugar. When the sugar has dissolved and the water comes down to a cup's volume, remove it from heat and mix in some instant coffee powder(2-3grams). I would say, making some filter coffee would enhance the taste, but for something to be ready in a bit, instant coffee is good to go. Take a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in a glass and pour the coffee over it. (I think the guy on the TV show might have added some hazelnut syrup, but I didn't have any at home, and again too lazy, thanks to the weekend syndrome, to go out and get some.) Never the less, what turned out does taste great.Cheers Neha!!!! 

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  1. awww..... i tried this.... its yummy!!! n thanks for dedicating! cheerz!!