Saturday, December 29, 2012

KFT-A Toast to the last weekend of 2012

So, I woke up at 12, lazied away another hour on the sofa till my tummy urged me to put my sleep aside. I always prefer to start my morning with something sweet rather than savory. So , I go around looking for something nice n sweet to fix my hunger. There’s some bread in the fridge and I think why not make a nice French toast-Shaheda style.

The Magic Makers
Egg                                                                                         1
Milk                                                                                        1 cup
Squash/Crush(Any flavor of your choice)                        4 tbsp
Sugar                                                                                    to taste
Bread Crumbs                                                                     1 cup
Bread                                                                                   8-10 slices
Icing Sugar                                                                         for dusting
Oil                                                                                        for shallow frying
Vanilla Essence                                                                   a few drops

The Prestige
Beat an egg. Stir in the milk and crush and mix well. Since the crush adds sweetness you wouldn’t need so much sugar. Add a little accordingly. Add vanilla esence. Dip the bread slices in the milk mix. You do not have to soak them, just dip and remove. Coat with bread crumbs and shallow fry on a griddle. Dust with some icing sugar and may be a little cinnamon powder if you have it ready. And here we are, a nice, light Krispy French Toast(KFT) is ready to flatter your taste buds. Cheers!!!!

Tip for veggies: cut out the egg

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