Friday, December 6, 2013

Strawberry Punch

So,The other day I and my husband went out to get some fruits, and my "Chatori Husband" was all eyes on everything he could grab for his morning juice. We picked up fruits for the whole week, but I had a major problem He bought me only one box of strawberries. Though I told him it wouldn't be enough juice for 4, he said "strawberry juice at my office costs 50 bucks, and a box worth 50 should be enough". I ,sometimes don't understand why he acts like some big shot chef who knows it all. Anyways we came back and I had another morning ahead of me with strawberries enough for two serving of juice. Here comes my Mom to my rescue, I remembered her telling me,last week, of an apple smoothie recipe made with hung curd, plus the pineapple in my fruit bowl kept reminding me of the classic "Ganga Jamuna Saraswti". So I decided to experiment a bit and luckily my kitchen had a lot of stuff in small portions, including 2 bananas and a 3 day old tetrapack of cranberry juice. So I guess my recipe is clear now.Anyway, here it is.

The Magic Makers

Strawberries                  About 12
Bananas                         2(small) OR 1 (large)
Cranberry Juice            About 150ml
Hung Curd                     2 dollops
Sugar Free                     12 sachets=24 teaspoons( yes, it really took that much)

The Prestige:

Well, slice the strawberries and bananas and beat them together in the juicer. Add the hung curd,blend properly and the add cranberry juice and the sugar. Because strawberries are sour and hung curd is very sour, you do need to add a lot for the sweetener. And I must tell you, it was yumm. And My "MasterChef" Husband did ask : "Super tha, kaise banaya", Huh! As if he knows how everything else is cooked in this house