Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

Born in 56 dels of pain,
Yet received with a smile;
Wherever I stumbled…
She held my hand every while.

Nursed me with caress,
Chided when I was wrong;
From “A” to “Alpha”…
She was always along.

Imbibed into me values,
Never let me know any dearth;
Protected and nurtured me….
Was my Goddess on earth.

Loved me before I was born,
Of your care, substitute there’s no other,
Words ain’t enough to say….
“I Love You Mother”

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shreelipta Glacialis Summer

Summer is in and nothing would quench your thirst from the scorching heat, like a glass of water right out of an earthen pot. Well, how about, a nice refreshing cooly to drink. I guess, it wouldn’t be that bad. Back in the days when I used to work, I happened to meet(well, actually we never met in person) this wonderful lady, who was the manager of a different team at a different location. Though she was so far, she was always just a call away. And however high pressure situation it might be, she always had a solution to help us out of the heat. Hence, I’m dedicating this recipe to her. Cheers Shreelipta. You Rock!!!!

The Magic Makers
Condensed Milk                       3 tbsp
Tang(Dual flavoured)             2 tbsp
Powdered Sugar                     1 heaped tbsp
Sprite or 7 Up                         1L

The Prestige

Whisk together Condensed Milk, Tang and Sugar. I use dual flavoured tang , coz it gives a good zing to the drink. Here I have used a pineapple-passion fruit flavor, though Lime n mint is my personal favorite. Whenever I have friends visiting, I ask them if they’d like some Nimbu Pani and surprise them with this instead. Well, moving ahead ,add half a glass of sprite to the mixture and obtain a concentrate. When you’re ready to serve slowly pour the rest of the sprite into the container you are using for mixing the ingredients. (I always like to use a tall, narrow mouthed container). A better way , I figured, is to fill the 3/4th of the glass with sprite first and to it add the concentrate . And....ta-da..... a refreshing cooly is ready to rid you of the summer heat.