Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shreelipta Glacialis Summer

Summer is in and nothing would quench your thirst from the scorching heat, like a glass of water right out of an earthen pot. Well, how about, a nice refreshing cooly to drink. I guess, it wouldn’t be that bad. Back in the days when I used to work, I happened to meet(well, actually we never met in person) this wonderful lady, who was the manager of a different team at a different location. Though she was so far, she was always just a call away. And however high pressure situation it might be, she always had a solution to help us out of the heat. Hence, I’m dedicating this recipe to her. Cheers Shreelipta. You Rock!!!!

The Magic Makers
Condensed Milk                       3 tbsp
Tang(Dual flavoured)             2 tbsp
Powdered Sugar                     1 heaped tbsp
Sprite or 7 Up                         1L

The Prestige

Whisk together Condensed Milk, Tang and Sugar. I use dual flavoured tang , coz it gives a good zing to the drink. Here I have used a pineapple-passion fruit flavor, though Lime n mint is my personal favorite. Whenever I have friends visiting, I ask them if they’d like some Nimbu Pani and surprise them with this instead. Well, moving ahead ,add half a glass of sprite to the mixture and obtain a concentrate. When you’re ready to serve slowly pour the rest of the sprite into the container you are using for mixing the ingredients. (I always like to use a tall, narrow mouthed container). A better way , I figured, is to fill the 3/4th of the glass with sprite first and to it add the concentrate . And....ta-da..... a refreshing cooly is ready to rid you of the summer heat.

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