Saturday, December 22, 2012

Choode ke Cutlet

With My mom gone vegetarian,owing to her meds which also put a lot of restrictions on milk products and many vegetables too, the poor thing aint got much of an option . Well, she's not much of a foodie, and I always told her "khana aap jaise logon ke liye nahi bana hai", but then, given the restrictions her meds impose ,she does land into a sorry state with almost nothing to eat. So I decided to give her taste buds a fun ride. Well, I find it a little difficult to get something vegetarian taste great,and with so many vegetables cut down, it was tough. But never mind, thanks to the guy who invented the internet and Jai Ho Sanjeev Kapoor,he really is the God of Indian Food.

The Magic Makers
Chooda/Chidwa                              1cup
Grated Ginger                                 1 inch piece
Finely Chopped green chillies        4-5
Boiled & Mashed Raw Banana      3
Turmeric Powder                           1/4 tsp
Cumin seeds                                    1 tsp
Cornflour                                        1 tbsp
Dry Mango Powder/Amchur        1 tsp
Salt                                                   to taste
Juice of a Lime                                to taste
Chaat Masala                                   for dusting
Oil                                                   for shallow frying

The Prestige
Soak the chooda for 2-3 mins. Mash and mix all ingredients together except the oil and chaat masala. Shape into tikkis and shallow fry. Sprinkle chaat masala while cutlets are still hot. Easy and tasty recipe.Makes about 25-30 tikkis and hardly takes 30 mins.Enjoy!!!!

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