Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cheating Wala Vada Pav

Well, the primary purpose of my blog, is to make daily food better and share easy recipes. Hence, the name, Cheating Wala Vada Pav. 
Yesterday,was the first time I was going to see my best friend, after her marriage. We had met, but I'd never been to her in-laws place. So I thought, I can't go empty handed. She called me suddenly and I had not much time left. So, I took the cheat's way out to make this world famous snack. I always have some Hari Chutney ready at my home. I grabbed some, Pav and Samosa from a local bakery downstairs. And here's what I did. 

Instead of making the Vada for the Vada Pav I used Samosa. Press down the Samosa lightly with both the hands and lightly roast it on a tava.
Slit the Pav Bun horizontally from the middle and slightly fry over a tava in some oil. Apply generous spoonfuls of Hari Chutney on the insides of both pieces of the pav. 
Place the samosa on the lower half of the Pav and before you close it...cherry on the pie....add a full Green chilli Pickle. You get these in  any of the local departmental stores. Cheating Wala Vada Pav is ready to eat.

PS : For Hari Chutney:
Heat Some oil in a pan. Add Cumin seeds. When they splutter add a  a few cloves of garlic, a Big bunch of Coriander leaves and half the volume of Pudina Leaves, Add Green Chillies according to taste. Grind with some tamarind paste till you get a smooth Chutney.

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