Thursday, July 9, 2009

My paper on Alzheimer's

My poster which won the International Conference on Coalescence of Computer Science & Biotechnology.
Alzheimer's disease(AD), also called Alzheimer Disease or simply Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia effecting 24 million people worldwide.Alzheimer's is a dgenerative and terminal disease for which there is no known cure. In its most common form , it afflicts individuals over 65 years of age,although a less prevalent early-onset form also exists.In its early stages ,short trem memory loss is the most common symptom,although it is often thought to be caused by stress or ageing.
The reason of AD is the cleavage of Amyloid precursor protein , present in the neuron membrane , by enzymes Beta-seceretase and Gamma-secretase resulting in the formation of beta-amyloid protein which attaches with the glial cell receptor(ie interleukin) to form insoluble plaques.Thus glutamate recycling is inhibited thereby preventing calcium ion entry through NMDA receptor leading to loss of signal transmission.The beat amyloid protein binding with glial cell receptor can be blocked by altering the conformation of beta -amyloid.These studies based on structural conformation of bete-amyloid can give new insights into discovery of niovel drugs for Alzheimer's.
Our study targets on Beta amyloid which was initially modelled for its three dimensional structure and screened for potential ligands to model various conformations of beta amyloid by editing chains of the protein.Screenng resulted in few ligands and various conformations. These conformations were then docked with glial cell receptor to find out the conformation with least binding energy.

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