Thursday, July 16, 2009


You and me sit side by side,Such a beautiful silence prevails,
Look into each others’ eyes,
Don’t talk but the conversation’s on.
Lips struggle for a motion
But the tongue makes no effort.
The wind is the usual interferer ;
Mischevious one ! knows the trick;
Creeps into his heart , collects ,
Carries his words , into me brings ,
Takes mine to his' , in this exchange
Spread wide shy crescents.
Speaks up my heart , my soul speaks
(as the wind wraps us in currents)
“Say something , come on , reveal…
Do not !..speak nothing..listen to the words of the silence…”
Distances perish down by this force
The calmest , the coziest , relieving clasps,
Not even photons part , so close…
Sink into each other , get blue crystallized

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