Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Awesome Juice

I am so falling in love with left overs. They always seem to work like a charm for me.

My husband  was coming home early the other day, as we had a train to catch. So he calls me from the office and specially orders for juice made of strawberries and every other thing he could think of. I said "we ain't got any strawberries at home",to which he replies "I'm just trying to tease my colleagues".

So,I thought, let me give him something really nice. But I really couldn't think of anything because I had emptied my fridge. All that there was, were 2 oranges, 2 pomegranates, and half a bottle of maaza. Guess what I did........

The Magic Makers

Maaza             250 ml
Oranges          2
Curd                2 tbsp
Sugar              2 tsp

The Prestige

Extract the juice of 2 oranges and blend properly with curd and sugar. Now add maaza and blend well. What you get is called "The Awesome juice".

It was so so so good that I named it that way. Don't disclose the ingredients and let your guests keep guessing as they enjoy the bliss. Cheers!!!!

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